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For over 25 years, we have assisted many clients both corporate and private in the moving and trading between UK and China.  We are able to link up interested parties in the investment, migration and business in both countries and looking forward to serving you in the future.

Christine Lee & Co Solicitors

We have over 25 years experience in all types of legal work for major investors and private client in trade and relocation between the UK and China.  We provide a one stop service from your entry, purchases of properties and businesses, investments and settlement in the UK for you and your family.

China UK Link (Property)

We source properties and investment opportunities for clients and we act as a bridge to link sellers and buyers and investors for different situations both in the UK and China.

Christine Lee & Co Education

Christine Lee & Co (Education) knows the importance of gaining an education for your child that is second to none.

What We Do

Discover our expertise in all matters legal, and all matters regarding properties and education.

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Case Studies

Read about some of the many people and organisations we have helped with specialist advice and legal services.

Latest News

Student Case Study – Mark Wang

Before he came to the UK, Mark was studying in a key middle school in Hunan Province, China. At this time he shared his thoughts on studying in the UK, ‘Boarding schools in the UK provide many opportunities for students to study the subjects in which they...

Student Case Study – Mikki Choi

Mikki Choi, who is originally from Hong Kong, visited her relatives in the UK along with her parents during the summer. Together they explored some of the globally renowned higher education institutions in the country. Mikki had only previously read about...

About Us

We have broad experience as well as a rich and unique heritage gained over 25 years practising at the forefront of UK business and investment law and education.

Christine Lee & Co has been serving the British community for over 20 years, we are the first and only British Chinese law firm to be authorised by the Chinese Ministry of Justice to practice as a foreign law firm in China. As a result we have been able to overcome cultural differences & obstacles and have developed strong affiliations between the UK and China. During its time, Christine Lee & Co have been honoured with the privilege of being appointed and recognised, amongst others as; Law firm of the Year (up to 4 partners) at the Birmingham Law Society Legal Awards 2014, Legal Advisor to the Embassy of the People’s

Republic of China in the UK and Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Belfast, listed by the UK Trade & Investment Department. Much of the success of the firm has been spearheaded by Madame Christine Lee herself, propelling the firm forward into a pre-eminent firm within the UK Chinese community and is now a reputable name in both the UK and China. With offices in London, Birmingham, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou, Christine Lee & Co is more than capable of reaching each individual client’s needs.

Visions & Values

Using insight, intuition and unique experience to provide expert services beyond comparison.

Christine Lee & Co are proud to be British and of Chinese ethnic background and origin. We have the advantage of being a truly British Chinese firm, understanding the cultural and language differences between the UK and China where we are able to bridge the gap between the Chinese and British culture.

Overcoming such cultural obstacles we are able to provide truly high quality and effective advice for both corporate and individual clients to achieve their objectives.

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