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Christine Lee & Co has been established and serving the British community for over 25 years and has now established three separate companies which offer a range of services under this prestigious title; Christine Lee & Co Solicitors, China UK Link (Property) and Christine Lee & Co Education.

Solicitors Firm

Christine Lee & Co (Solicitors) Ltd is the biggest British Chinese law firm in the UK specialising in matters in China & the UK ranging from legalisation of documents to the acquisition of multi-million pound companies. We are the first and only British Chinese law firm which has been authorised by the Chinese Ministry of Justice to practice in China as a UK law firm.

Immigration Law

Christine Lee & Co’s multilingual immigration team can assist you regardless of what stage your immigration case is at. We are able to provide legal assistance in the following areas whether it is personal or corporate immigration; Tier 1 Investors and Entrepreneurs; Marriage and family visas, representative or setting up branch of overseas business; appeals and judicial reviews.

Services and Fees

Corporate Law

We are at the forefront of developments right across the “Belt and Road”. Our global insight and legal experience enables us to deal with a wide range of complex domestic and cross-boarder transactions, including; Registering, Dissolving and Restoring Companies, Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs (Main Board and AIM Market), ​Corporate Governance & Compliance, Joint Ventures, Restructuring, Due Diligence, Investigations and Legal Opinions on Businesses & Projects.


Commercial Law

We are the first and only UK Chinese law firm authorised by the Chinese Ministry of Justice as a foreign law firm to operate in China. With offices in the UK and Mainland China, we are ideally placed to serve the needs of UK companies looking to trade in China and Chinese firms looking to invest and develop their businesses in the UK. Our deep understanding of the legal and cultural differences between the two countries enables us to offer tailor-made support to our clients.

Property Law

Whether you are a private client or a large corporate entity, our Property team at Christine Lee & Co can provide first class professional services, rich legal knowledge and experience in order to help you find the properties and real estate opportunities that best suit your needs. Our business ranges from small independent properties and single residential properties to multi-million pound commercial properties, shopping centres, and other commercial or residential developments.

Procedures and Fees


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At Christine Lee & Co we work closely with our clients to avoid or resolve disputes at the earliest opportunity. Vigorously representing our client’s interests and focusing on the aims of their business, we strive to provide a solution that will cause the least disruption to their operations. Legal matters covered include: Commercial and Private Disputes, Negotiations & Litigations, Injunctions & Freezing Orders, Public Law Applications, Judicial Reviews and Immigration Appeals.

Private Clients & Family Law

At Christine Lee & Co our services for clients cover the full life-cycle of legal advice an individual may require. Ranging from marriage and divorce to acquiring property to dealing with wills and probate. We appreciate that each individuals requirements are different, although at face value may be similar to other cases, will always have traits that make each case unique, requiring an individualistic approach that ensures peace of mind for our clients.


Documents & Certifications

At Christine Lee & Co, we are able to offer a number of Legalisation and Certification services. Feel free to contact us if you require any of the following services; Statutory Declaration & Affidavits, Power of Attorneys, Deed of Gift, Deed of Trust, Witnessing of Signatures, Certified Copies of Original Documents, Legalisation of UK Documents for Overseas Use.

EU Residence Permits

With the advent of BREXIT, the rules on European national residence status in the UK and UK Citizens accessing the EU will change. Although current rules and practice should continue, we monitor the situation and will advise further on the merits and action required to enable access to and from the EU.

Intellectual Property Law

Christine Lee & Co can act as your agent for trademark and copyright law. A trademark can be expressed by writing, drawing or even colours, sounds, and smells. In the UK, both registered and unregistered trademarks are protected by law. Copyright protection covers the protection of literature, music, works of art, sound recordings, films, radio, web content, data, publishing typesetting etc.

Property Company

China UK Link Ltd consists of highly experienced property experts who are able to help you find your ideal property whether it be a residential, commercial or an investment. With strong affiliations with many large developers and house builders across London we can help you find single residential properties to mixed use developments.

UK Property Sourcing

Commercial Property: China UK Link values the importance of strategic planning as well as investment and development for the survival of a business. Our devoted and experienced team is able to provide a strategic planning consultancy service across the core sectors of commercial properties, including; retail, hotels, shopping malls, offices and industrial.

Residential Property: If you are looking to acquire a freehold or leasehold residential property, China UK Link is able to offer a bespoke service to satisfy your property requirements. Having strong affiliations with many large developers across London, we can assure our clients will be informed at first instance of any new developments which may be of their interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our property team to assist you in finding the right property for you.

Overseas Investment

China UK Link are able provide a bespoke service to clients who are looking to obtain residency or citizenship in various EU member countries by way of investments.

Residency by Investment: More and more countries are attempting to attract investments from overseas and thus there are a number of programmes for investors to obtain residency or citizenship, including the Spanish Golden Residency Visa, the Portugal golden residency Visa and the Cyprus Golden Residency Visa.

Citizenship by Investment: This citizenship ultimately differs from residency as an individual who is granted citizenship will be granted protection from the state s/he is a citizen of. Citizenship can be achieved by investment in properties in the likes of; Cyprus, Malta, St Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda.

Education Company

Christine Lee & Co (Education) Ltd appreciates the prestige of being educated in the UK and as a result we acknowledge that identifying a school or university for your child or yourself is one of the toughest yet most important decisions you will have to make. We are able to provide advice to allow our clients to make an informed decision to their choice of institution, adapting to cultural differences of living in the UK as well as health and safety in the UK.

British Education

UK education gives students the inspiration to develop their knowledge and skills, allowing them the freedom to be creative, and achieve their best. Choosing which institution to study at is often confusing and difficult, Christine Lee & Co (Education) is able assist on this matter by advising on the standards and league table results of individual institutions which you may or may not already have in mind. We are also able to offer advice on course selection and entry requirements.



A guardian plays many different roles. The most important one acting as a representative of his/her parent in the UK. UK law mandates that an international student under the age of 18 must appoint a UK based guardian if receiving full time education in the United Kingdom. Christine Lee & Co (Education) knows the challenges and difficulties of studying aboard towards the parents and children and can help you to find peace of mind with a trusted guardian.

Public Schools

All parents want their children to gain the best education and school experience that they possibly can. As such they may want to send their children to some of the most renowned public schools in UK, famous for their deep history and consistent ability to provide its pupils with a first class education. UK Public Some of the most popular public schools to our clients are; Charterhouse School, Eton College, Harrow School, Rugby School, Shrewsbury School, Westminster School and Winchester College.

The University of York

Christine Lee & Co (Education) is proud of its association with the prestigious University of York. The University of York offers world-class facilities, a beautiful campus environment, excellence in research, and a great range of clubs and societies to cater for all interests, together with a consistently high ranking in national and global league tables..

Summer Camps

We offer a range of summer courses and camps across England, Scotland and Wales. These courses aim to help children learn authentic British English as well as British culture and its traditions. Taking part in these courses can help widen a student’s cultural perspective and inspire them to fully integrate within the global community of the future.

Education Case Studies

Discover what it means to experience UK education from the perspective of the student, read some of our case studies to give you a better understanding of student life and studying in the UK

Student Case Study: Mikki Choi
Student Case Study: Mark Wang

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