Student Case Study – Mark Wang

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Before he came to the UK, Mark was studying in a key middle school in Hunan Province, China. At this time he shared his thoughts on studying in the UK, ‘Boarding schools in the UK provide many opportunities for students to study the subjects in which they are interested. They are often recognised for excellence in education. Studying abroad is a good chance to improve my English Language skills and is also a good opportunity to learn to become more independent. With schoolmates attending locally and from all over the world, there are also lots of opportunities for friendship.’

After studying in King Edward’s School for nearly 2 years, Mark shared his thoughts again, this time reflecting on his time in the UK, ‘I had a good time in school. Students are encouraged to develop in all areas of study. Besides studying, there are also arts, music, and sports clubs. I have particularly enjoyed taking part in drama and music clubs as well as playing golf.’

Students’ positive ideas on study and values are further developed in school.’ ‘We were never forced to study, therefore we have to be active and self-motivated in order to get good marks. Students are all equal and all have the same opportunities. The importance of co-operation and teamwork are emphasised during our studies as well as our daily lives. We have to support each other, especially playing sports, where students from all grades join in together. This enhanced my competency on interpersonal and team working skills. Teachers are also like friends in that we often went out for a coffee, chatted and played sports after school with them. This close relationship between teachers and students made my school life more enjoyable.’

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